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CCHRA Board Seeks Candidates for 2015-16 Program Year

    April 29, 2015

    If you are a member of CCHRA and would like to find out more about how the organization runs, you may want to consider joining the Board of Directors. The CCHRA Board is currently seeking candidates for the following positions:

    • Program Chair

    • Publicity Chair

    • Secretary

    • Sponsorship Chair

    For more information (including position descriptions, click here.


    All Board members must be SHRM members. If your company does not cover the cost of your SHRM membership, then, CCHRA will. As a Board member, you also receive a FREE Regular membership to CCHRA. In the event that the President or one of the other officers are unable to attend a conference or function at which CCHRA must be represented, you may be asked to attend and have all of your expenses paid. Typically, you will also be invited to attend the HRPOY Dinner free of charge.


    You are required to attend a majority of the monthly meetings and events held for the general membership as well as the monthly Board meetings. The Board meets 12 months a year, but most of those meetings are conference calls.

    If you are interested in becoming a candidate or have further questions, please contact Michael Bacchini, Nominating Chair at or by Cell: (484) 459-8085.