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Join a Committee - Why Should I?

    August 21, 2013

    Join a Committee—Why should I?

    At first blush, the answer may seem like “because they need help and they never stop asking for volunteers”; but, upon deeper inspection, I have identified six reasons why it is in your best interest to join and be a part of Chester County HR Association committee.

    Consider the following benefits of service:

    Service connects us to others and their expertise and experience

    Learning comes in many forms. Sitting on a committee you are surrounded by years of collective knowledge and experience. Committees are a deep well from which to draw real life experiences. Serving on a committee allows you to glean from others their best practices and insights so you don’t reinvent the wheel. You have a forum of your peers in which to brainstorm and receive feedback.

    Service transforms our thinking and perspective

    We all tend to get myopic working in the same role at the same place doing the same things. Serving on a committee helps expand our thinking, provides new perspectives and ideas, and helps moves us from theoretical thinking: do A, then B and get C into the world of practical application; I need to accomplish C. What steps are involved in A and B, and are there others?

    Service matures helping us to grow professionally and personally as we serve others

    This is the law of the harvest where you operate by sowing and reaping. As we give, we grow. As we put others ahead of ourselves, we expand and grow not only personally but professionally as the work and effort you sow on a committee are the seeds for a better harvest in the future.

    Service produces so that others can partake

    Your experience and talents are on display as you serve. You collaborate with other committee members so that the general membership can partake, learn and grow by your efforts. And you do the same partaking of the fruit of other committees. This process grows the entire organization.

    Service teaches and increases your knowledge, perspective and experience

    The learning never ends and serving on a committee keeps you up to date with the changes in the HR world.  Committees approach problems creatively, with-out-of-the-box thinking and perspective. They problem-solve, plan and execute as a team to accomplish their goals.

    Service is a bridge moving us from where we are personally and professionally to where we want to be

    All service can take you somewhere and, in the end, you will become more knowledgeable, more experienced, more skilled and more valuable. Committee work can help prepare you for your next position, promotion, industry, and responsibility. If you think I exaggerate, I suggest you speak to some of the committee members.

    Someone is probably thinking “Gee, he didn’t even mention the networking opportunities, the friends you can make and professional relationships you can build” – you’re right and thank you for making my case. Yes, all that is yours as well.

    So, if you want change and grow personally and professionally,  my call to action is for you to get involved.

    I look forward to serving with you.

    About Patrick Rita:

    Patrick serves is a senior consultant for Kelly Benefit Strategies and serves in the following areas: LSHRM Diversity Committee Member, Publicity Chair Chester County HR Association, Foundation Chair Delmarva SHRM, Communications Committee Delaware SHRM

    Please contact Julie Wright, CCHRA President if you are interested in serving on a committee.